Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Essence Feature on Breast Cancer

I recently read the Body & Spirit feature in Essence magazine on "The Black Woman's Guide to Breast Cancer". I found the information to be useful for women of any color. The guide addressed 3 steps on prevention, surviving, and thriving with the big C. The first step was your anticancer plan, the second step was your early-detection plan and the final step was your best cancer plan.

Awareness is key when knowing your body. I found that the article provided a nice blueprint for women dealing with the possibility of illness and experiencing cancer as part of their lives now. It was disheartening that they didn't include any information about family and/or community support.  My sense is that the author was focused on the individual guide and not a collaborative guide. As we know, illness affects the patient but also other people connected to her.

The magazine is still on stands with cover issue honoring women with power and our first lady, Mrs. Michelle Obama. Check it out and let me know your thoughts!

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