Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy New Year (Different Meaning)

Hello Readers,

I pray that each of you enjoyed your holiday time with your family and friends. This week marks the beginning of change.  Like most people, many have made new year resolutions that they want to accomplish through the new year. I decided to do something different this year with a nontraditional resolution. Instead, I plan create change with my mindset that doesn't limit me to one specific goal.

My new outlook for the year 2012 is to seek more opportunities to be the best I can be. I know it might sound clique but I want to focus on mind, body, and spirit within the year. Of course, this new outlook will bring about some positive as well as negative differences in my life but I am expecting greatness.

I want to pay more attention to ways that bring joy and peace and offer genuine gratitude to myself and others in life. I challenge each of you to bring a new meaning to a happy new year and what that means for you. What would a happy new year look like? What specific things will it bring to you and others that are connected to you? What brings you joy, peace, and gratitude?

Cease this year and expect unmerited favor,


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